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Find A Need And Fulfill It : God created us for a purpose and Mtoto w’afrika together with you can fulfill the purpose of serving the lord as we serve in ministry and along develop the deep remote villages of Africa. Feel led by God to serve accordingly in any of the ways that allow you to get involved.

Community Outreaches: We fellowship together, have daily meetings, and relate on different issues as ministers in service to God’s kingdom. In your various areas you can take the initiative today to represent and transform the world of a Mtoto w’afrika. From community reach-outs in your neighborhoods and mobilization, there can result life changing fruits towards a  village in  deep remote Africa. Accept to be used by the Lord to be a blessing to a Mtoto w’afrika who needs you today.       OUR RECENT ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS

Positive Influence: These villages are full of many Illiterate, Careworn, Poverty stricken, Unskilled and Ignorant people who you can equip skills and resources to great transformation. Your knowledge, skills, experiences make a cherished sphere of influence for a Mtoto w’afrika and leaves a lasting legacy for the selfless leaders that Mtoto w’afrika nurtures. afreecaBe apart of bringing hope through your positive influence today, With all our effort we together  transform lives in Africa.

Fundraiser:  Prepare and organize fundraising activities, events towards raising awareness, opening ministry opportunities to many and Supporting Mtoto w’afrika causes. Speak Out for a Mtoto w’afrika and bring sustainability to a whole  deep remote African Village.  Reach Us on more ideas on how to fundraise towards our causes in your different areas and parts of the world.

 Invite Us To Speak: It takes you to change an entire world of a Mtoto w’afrika through Christ. With a sold-out heart to Christ, we look at every opportunity as a moment to glorify and bring fame to Christ through all our ministry activities. We  accept invitations to create lasting relationships as we share more on our great commission in life.

jesus loves meCreating selfless generational leaders of all Mtoto w’afrika requires combined efforts as a body of Christ so as to see full sustainable transformation.


What does an ambassador do?

Share real life experiences, stories, testimonies, photos, witnessing

Come For Vision & Mission trips: As Individual, Church, Friends, Youths,  Groups and Corporations.

The bible reminds: For i was hungry and you gave me food, i was thirsty and you gave e to drink, i was a stranger and you welcomed me , i was naked and you clothed me, i was sick and you visited me, i was in prison and you came to me.Then the righteous will answer ; Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you? thirsty and give you drink? a stranger and welcome you? naked and clothed you?, or sick or prison and visited you?………..  Mathew25:35-40. Jesus requires us to be selfless and caring as from his exemplary life.