Our Values

Christ Culture

We believe Christ is the hope of life who can transform any complex situation into a breeding ground of miraculous expectations.


We believe that learned habits and behaviors can mold a LEADER of positive influence, integrity, and self-control.


We believe that the seed you plant doesn’t leave your life at all, but multiplies in your future.

Equality & Development

Love your neighbor as yourself. it's not just the right thing to do, It’s also smart economics.

Commitment & Consistency

We believe in a fulfilling, in and out of season, mentally strong mindset towards uprightness and Unwavering morals.

Our Strategy

Our Mission is restoring hope, inspiring talents, and grooming an exceptional African child, while we offer support through bringing resources closer to community reach.

We are all born with potential, but it has to be tapped into for us to be transformed. Access to resources is a great kick-start, therefore, our approach is through Education, Skill & Talent Development, and Health Care. These three are at the core of our community-based activities.

In 2015, because of our involvement in the community, Mtoto W’afrika was gifted with a close to  4-acre property in Meiachiku, Dzaipi by the residents. It was an answered prayer to build a village community center with a goal of engaging children, Youth, Women & Men. Mtoto W’afrika is raising leaders to take the mantle, and at the same time challenging men and women to selflessly lead. Working with children and youth leads to working with their families and to meet community needs. Children have rights to proper health care, food, education, and to realize their potential. Mtoto W’afrika’s core programs educate about child abuse, early marriages, curb illiteracy, & poverty. 


Mtoto W’afrika needs Support to put in place: The Administration block, Church / Fellowship hall, Cottages & Storage Facility, Community Library, A Clean Water Source, A Vocational school, A Medical Center, Soccer ground, Basketball & Volleyball court, Agricultural Farm & Community Market.

The Facilities will be an Oasis to offer a fresh start and an outreach platform. There is room to expand the property boundaries so please prayerfully consider supporting Mtoto W’afrika in transforming tomorrows leaders today!

  • God to raise visionary leaders for the next generation
  • Praying For Our Partners, Sponsors, & Well-Wishers
  • A fresh start for people in Nyumanzi refugee settlement
  • Community transformation & Growth of the church fellowship
  • Open doors for support & sustainability of current programs
  • Upcoming Soccer tournaments & Future Projects




We Desire To Increasingly Represent God's Heart To The World

We Are Committed to see COMMUNITY Transformation

We Are A Nonprofit Organization Purposed To Raise Resilient, Resourceful, Community Based Godly Leaders For Africa’s Tomorrow, Today.

Contact Us

P.O.Box 407 Luwero,

Uganda, East Africa