Build A Village

A home is where we build our lives, Where we grow up and where we raise our children – It is a place for stability and safety.


It is a model village/ community structure that will set a standard for change in all remote settings in Africa.The Dream For A Model Sustainable Village Where Many Children From The Villages BordersBeyond Will Come :
To Hear The Good News Of Christ & Salvation Grace, Love Unending.
– Pray, Play & Praise God For The Greatness He Is.
– A Home To Inspire, Teach, Cultivate Morals, Groom & Nurture Selfless Self Reliant Christly LEADERS For Africa’s Tomorrow.

– Harness potential through encouraging and steering development of skills and talents of all.

– Create sustainability in all activities engaged in and change mindsets towards creativity & innovation.

– Make and Mentor Disciples To Make Disciples

This is a self-sustainable model village seated on close to 150 acres of land with a vast structural implementation on it. This will contribute to the better infrastructural development of the regions and also bring resources closer to the population’s reach

Mtoto w’afrika thereby aims to set a better future for the orphans, children with disabilities, street children/ homeless, the elderly, widowed and community less privileged children, through bringing resources closer to the community reach as deemed fit for life sustainability.

To be a part of our team – Prayer and financial support makes it possible for us to carry on mission and vision, develop villages, and share Christ through the community/villages. Consider making a commitment to become a part of the work Mtoto w’afrika all over Africa.choose below how you would like to participate

The Mtoto w’afrika sustainable village will give home to these children in the shelters that are to be raised on the property.We will focus to working re-establishing family routes and connections of all children that are homeless so as to keep family bonds and create  meaning to life of a new generation.

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