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Help without hope is useless, so while doing this we know Christ is fundamental in changing lives. We are dedicated to raising selfless leaders as we believe everything rises and falls on leadership. All assistance in this area attracts our attention to grow, serve and mentor the youth towards self-discovery in the best way possible exploration

This is one of the recent youth outreach program (YOP) activity that was at Bweyogerere high kintintale Campus.


Our next YOP activity will be at NEW LIFE SEC SCHOOL on 13th 03 19, thank you.





Feed A Child

Many are isolated, orphaned and lack a lot of basic needs. Food and water are essential to their health and participation in school to which these are not accessed in the remote schools. With our recent survey more children have left their schools in search for labor so as to fend for their homes and provide food at home.

Our Vision necessitates provision of a home and new beginnings for such as these and through the “Build A Village” Cause – Every Mtoto w’afrika will get access to enough nutritious foods as the agricultural projects will ensure sustainability.

There is great need to provide a balanced diet meal to have them live a healthy life. Be apart to bringing a meal on the table of many today.

Although nutritional feeding is a core goal, Feed A Child Mission is centered on not seasonal but lasting help. Sharing Christ as the hope for all is a core goal so as to focus and groom a higher purposed generation.

Sponsor A Child

Literacy levels in all of Africa’s remote areas show appalling results. In this global world there still exists a person that can’t read & write yet having no hope to involve in most opportunities because of literacy limitations. We choose to indulge in community/Villages activities involvement for many so as to stem a way to harness potential for all..

When you sponsor a child, you create the greatest transformation in africa’s deep remote regions / locations that are poverty stricken, without various resources and also lacking proper transportation means. You change a sphere of influence when you share lives with a mtoto w’afrika,  Transform the world of a mtoto w’afrika today.

You can take it to also bless the same mtoto w’afrika through our “ESSANYU KIRABO” GIFT CATALOG – we believe that with your love as the greatest gift you can bring happiness that waters dreams unseen.

There is high lack for children basic requirements, school facilities,shoes,school uniform, scholastic materials medical Care. Be  a whole new family to a mtoto w’afrika through our sponsorship program as you will be updated on your sponsored mtoto w’afrika oftenly. For More Information Reach Us  – Sponsorship@mtotowafrika.org.

Skills & Talents

Mtoto W’afrika child care ministries gives a professional training to the youth/children to achieve their goals in sports as part of ministry opportunities. Coaching is provided by well qualified coaches with a few sports facilities. The sports program is formed with the objective of solving the problem of regional sports imbalance preferably to the vulnerable youth’s who are blessed with sports talents but lack facilities to full fill their dreams. We operate in rural areas, providing physical and mental growth of youngsters and development of their caliber through various sports activities. The ministry uses the most updated skills and knowledge to teach our learners. Our progression of camps and programs, is essential ministry, for all youth looking for a sport introduction or those who want to refine and master their sports skills.

The aim is to minister Christ and steer a generation that is after God – 1 Timothy 4:8.Through this practical way of sharing Christ’s abundant love  support for the development of football as well as other sports like Basket ball, Net ball, Swimming, Badminton, long tennis is realized. Other necessities to help, develop and nurture the talents of interested children.

Build A Village

A home is where we build our lives, Where we grow up and where we raise our children – It is a place for stability and safety.


It is a model village/ community structure that will set a standard for change in all remote settings in Africa.The Dream For A Model Sustainable Village Where Many Children From The Villages BordersBeyond Will Come :
To Hear The Good News Of Christ & Salvation Grace, Love Unending.
– Pray, Play & Praise God For The Greatness He Is.
– A Home To Inspire, Teach, Cultivate Morals, Groom & Nurture Selfless Self Reliant Christly LEADERS For Africa’s Tomorrow.

– Harness potential through encouraging and steering development of skills and talents of all.

– Create sustainability in all activities engaged in and change mindsets towards creativity & innovation.

– Make and Mentor Disciples To Make Disciples

This is a self-sustainable model village seated on close to 150 acres of land with a vast structural implementation on it. This will contribute to the better infrastructural development of the regions and also bring resources closer to the population’s reach

Mtoto w’afrika thereby aims to set a better future for the orphans, children with disabilities, street children/ homeless, the elderly, widowed and community less privileged children, through bringing resources closer to the community reach as deemed fit for life sustainability.

To be a part of our team – Prayer and financial support makes it possible for us to carry on mission and vision, develop villages, and share Christ through the community/villages. Consider making a commitment to become a part of the work Mtoto w’afrika all over Africa.choose below how you would like to participate

The Mtoto w’afrika sustainable village will give home to these children in the shelters that are to be raised on the property.We will focus to working re-establishing family routes and connections of all children that are homeless so as to keep family bonds and create  meaning to life of a new generation.

Partner With A Needy Village> Build The Needy Village > Watch & See The Visionary Village Grow