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Mtoto W'afrika Is A Nonprofit Organization Purposed To Raise Resilient, Resourceful, Community Based Godly Leaders For Africa's Tomorrow, Today.


In Swahili, Mtoto W’afrika means, "The African Child." Mtoto W'afrika intentionally seeks to partner with people all over the globe to create awareness of the need to raise next generation leaders.


Since being founded in 2013, Mtoto W’afrika has engaged in transforming lives of  Children and youth in Uganda and in South Sudanese Refugee Camps.

 The Anticipated Community Center Project Will Serve & Reach Over 30,000 People In the surrounding Villages.

It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed. Sometimes the most courageous

thing you can do is be a part of opening a door!

What We Do

Our Model

We have a mission of restoring hope, inspiring talents, and grooming an exceptional African child, while offering support through bringing resources closer to community reach. Our Core Avenues are:


We are passionate about strengthening the few schools that are in these hard to reach areas. Asome Campaign exists to combat challenges that are frustrating education. Most children drop out because they lack school supplies and tuition. Girls lack access to sanitary kits, which contributes to early marriages.  Our pursuit here is about creating an environment where both typical and special needs students can have an opportunity for their future community transformation. Every Seed Needs The Right Environment To Bloom!

Skill & Talent Development

About 80% of youth in the hard to reach areas are in their productive years and unemployed; This calls for Knowledge and reliable Skills. Practical vocational training strategically allows room to create jobs, while nurturing talents and equipping young leaders with transferable skills creates a sense of direction on how to start out to break the poverty cycle. We Pursue Self-Sustainable development options like our ICT 4 Leaders Initiative, structured Sports tournaments, Agricultural training, Tailoring, Carpentry, and Several others.


A lot of myths and superstitions surround the medical field in hard to reach areas. several illnesses are subjected to witchcraft, untrue beliefs about Sex education & Reproduction, several misunderstood concepts about pregnancy, breastfeeding, Nutrition, HIV prevention, malaria control, Hygiene & basic Sanitation. Through Community Medical clinics, we pursue to bridge the gap of information and support needed to empower people. We currently seek out Medical care professionals to volunteer time, resources, and knowledge to see first-hand impact. 

A Transformed Environment
Calls For A strong Structure

Raising Leaders | Pursuing Christ

One Community Raising Another | Each Village Reaching Out

How It Works

PROJECTS | Activities

We are all born with potential, but it has to be tapped into for us to be transformed. Access to resources is a great kick-start to the success of each of our community based activities. It's how we share Christ's Practical Love.

"Asome" Campaign

Most Children in the hard to reach areas of africa drop out of school for reasons ranging from early marriages to lack of school supplies. "Asome" means "Let The Child Be Educated." We believe education is for improving others and leaving your community / world better than you found it. We know that with your support "A mind once stretched can never go back to it's old dimension."

For Just $25 a month, you can sponsor a child to go to school.

​Skill & Talent Development 

A man's gift makes room for him And brings him before great men. – Proverbs 18:16

Goal: To create a platform where youth can become equipped with occupational skills such as carpentry, computer technology (ICT), tailoring, plumbing, brick laying, and so much more. We are also creating sports competitions to attract talent and encourage an environment that grooms the hidden potential. Our advocacy for vocational skills targets an end to the poverty cycle and cuts down unemployment of youths.

How Far Are We?
Currently we are implementing:

- Sanyuka Program – Grooming Leaders
- Youth Outreach Program – Career Guidance & Counselling
- ICT 4 Leaders – computer literacy
- Sports Tournaments – Community Engagement

Your gift helps us acquire resources and tools necessary for the program activities.

Health Is Wealth

Having medical clinics in the hard to reach areas is a huge relief to most who can't afford it and the many that are unaware about health care options. 

There is not much of a desired livelihood if we don't recognize community medical needs. it's something we stepped out in faith about, and still do as we seek to establish a medical care center at Meiachiku community center.

we are creating a way for preventative health care options, access to quality and affordable healthcare, and rehabilitation services. During our Medical Clinics we partner with healthcare professionals to teach about Safe and Clean Water and Sanitary Kits For Girls.


It Costs $500 to run a community medical clinic

Malaika - Women

Mtoto W'afrika is committed to developing the women groups in the hard to reach areas. the women play a huge role through their engagement in economic activities and child welfare. Mtoto W'afrika empowers their potential through organizing workshops to discuss the challenges they face, find solutions, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

 You Make The True difference!

Thank you for giving to Mtoto W'afrika!

the donated property, which will be the location for the Meiaciku Community Center, is a huge testimony for the impact felt in the community. we know your donation will go a long way to impact lives. 

Your support for our community activities makes the true difference. You are a huge part of our prayers and we are thankful for your generosity. 

Awesome team

Meet Our Team

John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Our team is sold out on nurturing this idea. they selflessly show influence and stand by our values to drive the vision forward. We have experienced an awesome growth and are excited about raising the NEXT GENeration! 


2 Timothy 3:16

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.

We Are Excited To Talk to You
about Transforming A Village!

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    We Are A Nonprofit Organization Purposed To Raise Resilient, Resourceful, Community Based Godly Leaders For Africa’s Tomorrow, Today.

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