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Pit Latrine Project

4.5 billion people (60% of the world) do not have access to safely managed sanitation. 2.4 billion people worldwide do not have access to improved sanitation. Unsafe sanitation is responsible for 775,000 deaths each year. 15% of the world is still practicing open defecation while 40% of the world does not have access to basic hand washing facilities! You have The OPPORTUNITY TO FULFILL A HUGE NEED For The Community Of Meiaciku by providing an improved ventilated pit latrine — Your ACTION To Support This Is Everything!
Received : $530  |  Needed : $470  |  Budget : $1000

2021 Christmas Party

Beginning 5 years Ago, Our First Christmas Party was Geared Toward Recognizing The Reason For The Season – Sharing Practical Love With Many That Have Experienced Less, While Refocusing On The Greater Hope We Have In Christ. This Celebration Continues To Grow, And Every Year we expect more people and hope to take this jOY from one village to Another – support To make it happen again in 2021!
Received : $1550  |  Needed : $250  |  Budget : $1800

Sanitary Kits

An initiative birthed in 2013 after seeing the first-hand impact of the effect of menstruation poverty. With very limited resources, we have engaged girls to learn how to make sanitary pads, however, the need supersedes available resources. Girls in the rural areas have no access to proper sanitary products and end up resorting to using old rags or staying at home to manage their menstruation. Aside from the cost of single-use pads, shaming and taboos surrounding menstruation keep girls from going to school. What starts as a few missed days of school escalates to girls dropping out and even ends in Early Marriages. SendHERPad is a mobilizing effort to deliver reusable sanitary pads to girls in hard to reach areas and provide information about hygiene and managing their periods. 
The Need Is Real! – At a local shop, the average single-use menstrual product costs $3 for one packet per month, equaling $36 or more per year. This is simply unaffordable for these girls However If 1 person sends $6, this provides 1 Reusable Pad Kit for 1 Girl For A Year. If 2000 People Send $6 each, 2000 Girls Will Be Covered For A Year.
Received : $0  | Goal : 2,000 Girls | Budget : $12,000

2021 COVID Food Relief

Food is A Basic need and For Many with Lost Daily Incomes during the Lockdown, Life sustenance is Now a struggle For Many Families. $25 can feed a family of over 4 people for a week – any and all contributions will make a difference.
Received : $200  |  Needed : $ Any Gift  |  Budget : $25

Accessible Clean Water

A Hydrological Survey To Find Water Is underway on the meiaciku community donated property. This is a huge Step Toward the Beginning of the visionary Community center that will serve many in the community. Join Us to bring clean Water to the community that currently has to walk long distances to access a well.
Received : $1000  | Needed : $24,000  | Budget : $25,000

Soccer Tournaments

the First Soccer Tournament was birthed from the desire to do and get involved in what the Meiaciku community loves and is involved in. These activities are a great tool to mentor leaders and follow their growth. several elders in the community confirm this initiative gives purpose to the youth while confronting Substance Use, Domestic violence, as well as cutting down rape Cases and child Abuse. Having Supplies and volunteers to run each event is the backbone of sustaining these ministry activities – help create the tournaments sustainability with any contribution today. next Tournament is Scheduled To Take Place From 11.22.21  — 12.14.21, Let’s Go “2021 Christmas Kingdom Cup” 
Received : $0  |  Needed : $ Any Gift  |  Budget : $300

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