Medical Care

Community Based Health Care

chMtoto w’afrika Community Based Health care teaches and encourages people to take action to improve their own health and the health in their communities/villages. We educate these people in remote African villages because it is essential for maximum use to increase the responsibility of individual families for their own health care, such as well-informed self-medication and modification of life-styles. Community health interventions are focused on orphaned & vulnerable children, children with disabilities, the village youth, elderly and widows.

Water and sanitation: UNICEF estimates that 1.6 million children under 5 die every year from simple diarrhea, a water-borne illness especially in Africa. Good hygiene can be exceedingly difficult for impoverished people to establish. When families have limited access to septic systems and or clean water, life-threatening illnesses like diarrhea result instead

HIV & AIDS Programs: Our HIV & AIDS program helps prevent new HIV infection, prevent Stigma and reduce the suffering of those infected and affected by HIV & AIDS. We are improving the provision and access of care and treatment services as well as enable these remote African villages to care for and support those impacted by AIDS.

These remote african villages are far to most of the resources that are life sustaining in all aspect and therefore through our ministry we engage local leadership and churches to ensure sustainability. Our core competencies support both community and clinic-based programs providing comprehensive services and program responses hence leave a well functioning and sustainable healthy facility in all remote African villages so as to carry on this ministry extensively and reach out to even border villages beyond

Program areas: Health Service Delivery, improve quality and access to diagnose, treat and prevent HIV & AIDS through direct services, training and health monitoring systems. Prevention Education behavior-based prevention focuses on at-risk youth, through life skills training, peer education, church and community mobilization and curriculum development.

medPrevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) provides patient education, delivery protocols, testing, access and uptake of medication and training for health practitioners.

Care and Support of PLWHA (People Living with HIV & AIDS) facilitates care and support of men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS by providing comprehensive home-based care, medical referral, counseling, spiritual encouragement, palliative care and social support.

Malaria:   Also enormously high in Africa and a potential killer if not treated. Health related issues have negatively impacted lives of many orphaned, vulnerable and children with disabilities. We have programs set for good health and sensitization through teaching and health education to allow practical application within the villages. The heath activities are done along with evangelism so as to achieve the core goal of spreading the gospel of Christ. Medical partners in this ministry work are all welcome.


Partnerships : We partner with local and international health and development agencies, community and faith-based organizations and collaborate with other stakeholders in civil society and government to achieve greater efficiency and deeper impact.

Healthcare Provider Education & Training: We incorporate capacity and skill building into all of our AIDS programs to train, retain and support the local health workforce and to strengthen program implementation.

Volunteers: We strategically encourage skilled health professionals to join and serve with the health ministry teams to improve health care service delivery and strengthen prevention, care and treatment efforts. Our programs also support and strengthen local volunteers engaged in community outreach and services. Through this endeavor we share Christ for he sure is the greatest healing phenomenon.

Support a Volunteer and Save A Life: We have a number of Mtoto w’afrika Health Care medical volunteers who want to provide health care and health education to thousands of children, women and families every year. Sacrificing time away from their families, hard- earned vacation days and even their own funds, volunteers selflessly give their expertise, health care, to the people who need it most. If you’re unable to volunteer yourself, know that with your help you can be a part of the volunteer program by raising funds to send medical volunteers from around the world to help those who need it most in these remote African villages.You can also send medical equipment along.Reach us for various ministry opportunities on how you can serve with Mtoto w’afrika health care ministry.

To get involved in this medical ministry – REACH US  THROUGH  medical@mtotow’