Sponsor A Child

Literacy levels in all of Africa’s remote areas show appalling results. In this global world there still exists a person that can’t read & write yet having no hope to involve in most opportunities because of literacy limitations. We choose to indulge in community/Villages activities involvement for many so as to stem a way to harness potential for all..

When you sponsor a child, you create the greatest transformation in africa’s deep remote regions / locations that are poverty stricken, without various resources and also lacking proper transportation means. You change a sphere of influence when you share lives with a mtoto w’afrika,  Transform the world of a mtoto w’afrika today.

You can take it to also bless the same mtoto w’afrika through our “ESSANYU KIRABO” GIFT CATALOG – we believe that with your love as the greatest gift you can bring happiness that waters dreams unseen.

There is high lack for children basic requirements, school facilities,shoes,school uniform, scholastic materials medical Care. Be  a whole new family to a mtoto w’afrika through our sponsorship program as you will be updated on your sponsored mtoto w’afrika oftenly. For More Information Reach Us  – Sponsorship@mtotowafrika.org.