A Village Woman

“A Village Woman”
Like all rural areas in Uganda, most of the village women toil day in day out to help meet the home basic needs in efforts to take care of their children. They tend to their gardens and seek out market for their produce – This is highly evidenced in Northern Uganda a formerly war torn region.
They are a strong pillar in developing the areas they settle in, however this comes with no recognition, abuse and less resources.
Defilement, divorce and domestic violence is at a high for the village women for they are ignorant of there rights. A greatest number of the village women are without education, low self esteem and with ignorance.
BROKEN HOMES: Young girls face early marriages as their dads sight the dowry, men marry multiple wives, they run away from responsibilities and the women suffer alone with the sole responsibility to raise the children in these poverty stricken villages.
A NEW DAY : In northern Uganda (Adjumani) where we serve, we coordinate activities through the formerly fallen church at meiachiku village dzaipi subcounty. Meiachiku is a madi dialect translated as “my village is not too hot“. It’s through this village church which we have helped rebuild, so that we aim at improving the village women livelihood by having  women sensitization drives, educating young girls and parents against early marriages, equipping life skills, health care, education  and well being as we preach Christ.
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